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    • Oregonbrick inc masonry contractor
      Oreognbrickis a masonry contractor in Oregon that specializes in brick, stone, and concrete construction. They offer services such as brick and block masonry, brick patios, stone patios, outdoor kitchens, BBQs, block and brick retainer walls, stone veneer walls, and masonry repair. They also work with homeowners on new and remodel projects, and provide professional designers if needed. The website includes pictures of their recent work and contact information for requesting a free estimate.
    • oregon brick patios and walkways
      Oregonbrick Inc specializes in all phases of masonry, including backyard brick patios and entertainment areas. They have extensive experience in installing brick patios in the Northwest and offer unique designs using combinations of flagstone or bluestone along with brick. Brick patios are known for their durability and ability to maintain their color over time with proper maintenance. Oregonbrick Inc has completed various projects, including transforming old steps, installing front brick patios, overlaying old brick with new materials, and creating custom brick patio designs. They are a trusted masonry contractor with over 29 years of experience and offer free estimates for any size project. Customers can contact them via phone or through their website for more information.
    • Outdoor stone and brick fireplaces
      oregonbrick offers outdoor fireplaces, backyard fireplaces, and entertainment areas. They provide services such as removing old wood decks, installing rock base and rebar fo added r concrete strength, installing outdoor fireplaces with natural gas lines, cutting accent expansion joint lines, and more. The website also showcases various completed projects and offers a free estimate for customers. They specialize in custom fireplace design and installation, from small firepit rings to large backyard fireplaces and BBQ areas. Oregonbrick Inc works with Homeowners to bring thier outdoor entertainment area ideas to reality. They serve various areas in Oregon, including Tualatin, West Hills, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Tigard, Beaverton, and more.
    • Brick home masonry contruction
      Oregonbrick Masonry inc Installs brick patios in many diffrent patterns and designs, using clay brick set inn mortar and interlaocking pavers.
    • portland-concrete-contractor
      Oregonbrick Inc Installs concrete driveways ,patios,walkways, including brick inlay,broom,exposed,stamped concretre with acid or water stanied concrete surfaces
    • Brick patterns
      With so many different type brick on the market ,there are many different brick patterns to choose from . From the basic basket weave to the herringbone brick patterns and running bond with variations in the basketweave brick patterns
    • Block wall contractor in oregon
      Oregonbrick Inc, a block fence contractor and masonry contractor specializing in block masonry walls and dry stack walls. They offer lower cost block fences that are built to last a lifetime. The website features descriptions and images of various projects, including block walls, planter block walls, retaining block walls, and block fences. They also highlight their expertise in historical restoration, as demonstrated by their work on a Portland historical society house featured in a book called Bungalow Gardens.
    • stone patio contractor near me
      Oregon brick installs all types of stone patios from the mica slate to the bluestone patio,Oregonbrick also installs flagstone patios in custom designs,combinations of brick or concrete and bolder placement in patios.
    • brick and block retainer wall construction
      Brick and block retainer wall construction, utilizing block as your retaining wall as the main product or as the backer wall for the stone or brick veneer is one of the strongest walls you can install. We do all the excavation of the footings ,install the steel, and install the product.
    • Portland Hardscape contractor
      Oregonbrick Inc. is a masonry contractor specializing in the installation of various hardscape products. They offer services such as installing interlocking sand pavers, boulder stone integrated into patios or walls, dry stack block wall systems, standard block and clay brick walls and patios. In addition to masonry work, they also install walkways, driveways, and patios in concrete, clay pavers, and stone. With over 38 years of experience, they are equipped to handle any custom masonry project, from brick homes to outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. They use a combination of wet set and dry set techniques to ensure high-quality results. Oregonbrick Inc. serves the areas south of Portland to Salem and Clackamas to Lincoln City. Customers can contact them for a free estimate or schedule an appointment through their website or by phone.
    • portland masonry walkways
      Oregon brick installs brick and stone wallway and concrete stamp masonry walkways that fit into the design you are looking for. call us at 503 936 0224
    • concrete paver contractor near me
      Oregonbrick Inc. is a professional masonry and hardscape patio contractor in Oregon. They specialize in installing paver patios, walkways, and retaining walls. They offer a variety of options, including sand set interlocking pavers and concrete brick pavers in different colors and patterns. They also provide services such as removing old concrete, installing rock veneer, and creating custom designs. With their expertise and attention to detail, they ensure that the patio is stable and long-lasting. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact them at 503-936-0224.
    • masonry steps and stairs in brick and stone
    • Portland green house contractor
      Oregonbrick Inc. is a green house contractor specializing in the installation and renovation of greenhouses in the Portland surrounding areas. They offer services such as installing footings, veneering outside walls with brick, and updating older greenhouses to a new look. Oregonbrick Inc. uses high-quality materials, such as red roman brick and Inca red common brick, to ensure a beautiful and durable finish. They also provide additional services such as installing front patio areas and staircases. With their expertise and efficient work, Oregonbrick Inc. can complete greenhouse projects in a timely manner. They prioritize customer satisfaction and offer expedited services when needed. For more information or to schedule a project, customers can contact Oregonbrick Inc. at 503-936-0224.
    • Flagstone patio construction contractor
      Add a flagstone patio or flagstone walkway from oregonbrick Inc.we install all types of stone patios, from mica to bluestone Including combinations of concrete and stone, stamp or sand finish.
    • Randy Mckee Masonry suppiers
      Randy Mckee masonry suppliers oregon
    • masonry ideas in stone -brick-and pavers
      Masonry ideas for your backyard patio and brick or stone veneers,masonry ideas that will help you see what we can do.
    • about Randy Mckee Masonry
      Oregonbrick Inc formerly Randy McKee Masonry was established in Oregon in 1994 out of Newberg Oregon , moving the business formerly known as McKee custom masonry from Sacramento California