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We Installed  this 8 foot high retainer wall in Portland , this was for a koi pond with deck at the end of wall >
Design by Randy McKee Masonry
If your in the need or a brick retainer wall, block retainer wall Oregonbrick Masonry  Inc.  will install them from the the foundation to the cap.
We also install cultured stone and real stone veneer retainer walls that fit into the landscape.
we build our walls to withstand the elements and pressures the the northwest bring, with heavy rains and saturation in soils we understand what hydraulic and hydrostatic pressures do to walls and prepare the footings to withstand those problem areas. We will build your block retainer wall or brick retainer wall to last your lifetime.
Utilizing block as your retaining wall as the main product or as the backer wall for the stone or brick veneer  is one of the strongest walls you can install.
We do all the excavation of the footings ,install the steel, and install the product.
If you are looking for the brick look and if you need the strength of a block retainer wall we can design  it into the wall and can  be as strong as a concrete or block  retainer wall.
Brick and block  retaining walls have many colors  to choose from , with color variations from red to browns to blacks . We can custom designed your retainer wall that's fits into the landscape while serving the purpose of holding back what needs to be retained.
We also design retaining walls with Boulders in the brick work to blend with a natural landscape  or we can use block and brick together to give it the clean modern look or get really creative  with panel work or saddles to combinations within the retainer walls,  We will help design what your needs may be.

Dry stack retainer walls have built in  engineering and come in many different designs that allow for allot of creativity and are great on a tighter budget.

On this Brick retainer wall we removed old railroad ties along the front and treated wood planks along the sides and installed a double width brick  retainer wall that we poured solid along the back side.
We saw cut the wall to follow the terrain of the yard and installed a saddle following the terrain at the existing rock retainer wall and brought wall down to meet the new brick retainer wall along the sidewalk.
We then installed a full header rowlock cap on the retainer wall.

Brick retainer walls / Block retainer walls / dry stack retainer walls
Small brick retainer walls
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Brick retainer wall or block retainer wall ?
It wont make allot of difference in strength if we do it
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Here we removed a old pumice stone retainer wall and installed a new concrete footing , we then installed block and veneered the retainer wall with eldorado cultured stone from Allied building supply.
The retainer walls were built on a long slow radius that gave it a unique look and fit right back into the landscape nicely.
We sawcut saddles as the wall followed the existing landscape instead of steps to soften the look of the wall..
We installed the variegated bluestone caps and cut the joint work and the caps with the radius of the retainer wall then (flamed edged) the bluestone  to give it a rough texture  and added a dark mortar in the  joint work to  blend with the stone and not stand out like a natural mortar would have.
There was much more masonry on this project , we installed a new concrete driveway and Brick patio in the back along with the staircase and walkways in front.

 stone veneer  retainer walls
Block Retainer walls

Stone retainer walls

Brick retainer walls

Culture stone  retainer walls

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why not add beauty to your wall..It doesn't have to look like a retainer wall of the past.
We make them to fit into your landscape , not stand out .
Here we installed the footing and brick saddle  walls  that soften the look of the masonry and give unique character to any home .
We can either pour the back side for retainer wall or install a double brick width wall for a brick fence .

Here we installed the footing and step walls and stpe reatainer walls  with coulmns .
We can pour the back side of the wall and  include steel for super strength and will last way longer then any dry stack wall and the clay brick  will not loose its color over time.

Saddle step retainer wall is a nice way to smooth out the top of the wall  and soften the look of the step. her we have some pictures of radius saddle walls we have done over the years. We do all the excavating and footings for all our walls, It all done start to finish with us.
Standard type brick retainer walls
This wall is old but it shows where I started,  this was my first contract job , this was over  30 years ago in fairfield California , this is a typical step wall double width, with brick columns and caps.
Brick retaining walls / Brick entry's / Combination brick and stone retaining walls
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Here we installed the brick retainer walls  along with the brick staircase  to the entry of the front door,
Oregonbrick  masonry Inc.
Brick Saddle Retainer  walls
Oregonbrick Inc.