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Architectural slabs

West linn project
Here we installed a concrete parameter containment wall to lock in the architectural slabs.
The slabs were installed over crushed stone and sand base . We then installed the architectural slabs around outside edge of patio at far end and from new patio area to existing patio over poured concrete slabs . We mortared the architectural slabs to the base concrete to secure them from moving. Using a snap edge on the side by side slabs  may have eventually gave way for movement .

Here we installed the concrete base and mortared on the architectural slabs from Mutual materials
We Built the firepit and seating using real stone from Rox stone using variegated Bluestone seat and cap for firepit  with flamed edge .
The Bbq island stone veneer was Rox pro stone  from Mutual materials , we also hand made the stone bracing for the marble bar to set counter on  from variegated bluestone .

stone used was:

Alpine Jade - Limestone with moderately variable deep green and gray hues. Weathered surfaces in the Ledgestone introduce some brown and tan highlights. Alpine Jade is particularly suited to rainy climates, where the richest hues are richer when wet.

Here we set up and poured the perimeter of the patio wall in concrete with a sand etched surface.
We install all  hardscape interlocking paver systems, We use western interlock paver,Pavestone pavers, Belgard paver and wall products,Mutual material pavers and segmental wall products.
We Use state of the art paver software to help design your paver patios and walkways Or even parking lots. We can Install it all.
We install all interlocking paver products south of portand  to Salem and clackamas to Mcminnville. Oregon paver contractor
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Sand set concrete paver Patio
Wilsonville project
The customer had a Wood deck removed to have this new concrete paver patio installed using western interlock pavers, With the use of interlocking pavers Vs. wood is by far the best way to provide much longer lasting product for the money , with wood costs so high you will save from every haven't worry for rot or oil staining that deck every year or two. the upkeep of a paver patio is minor in comparison, It is the mid range cost of patios from concrete to stone patios .
Oregonbrick  masonry Installs all types and designs of concrete interlocking paver patios  in Portland to Salem and from Gresham to McMinville.

Oregonbrick inc. masonry Installs all types of Hardscape products, from the interlocking sand  pavers  to Hardscape of boulder stone integrated into the patio or walls  or dry stack block  wall systems oand standard block to clay  brick walls and patios.
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We installed the basalt walkway off the patio to existing walkway around home . We install all types of Hardscape including boulders that integrate into your project, give us a call at 503 554 9510 and set up an appointment for a free estimate of your project. Or send us a webform for same day contact and bid day setup.
Concrete paver driveways allow for many designs. this one was a very basic design , we can add circles and combine them , or add patterns of any design you may want.
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Lake Oswego sand paver project
This concrete sand paver project we installed the outside parameter concrete base and mortar set the ribbon  so it would never unlock . Snap edge works good but this is the best way to lock in the pavers where deep base materials are used to bring up to grade. We  install  a geo mat to help stabalize the rock base and compacted it  then installed a sand base for the brick  and sanded the concrete pavers using a standard paver sand on this project. 

This hardscape  paver patio  graded and installed the base and married up to the existing concrete paver driveway. we installed the base with a geo mat and rock base  the sand and snap edged the outside edge and installed the concrete sand  pavers with ribbon on outside edge and herring bone pattern . these are  charcoal holland concrete sand  pavers from western interlock
Washington county project
Here we removed  the old concrete driveway and installed a concrete base and new driveway apron .
We installed a ribbon on the edges and a muster k pattern in filed area in this concrete paver driveway with sanded joints.
The customer wanted the best base that would last a lifetime  and with concrete it will.
we slopped the driveway to the street as water would still need to run off on this type of base.
We can also install drainage under this type of base if wanted but keep the strength of the concrete base for the concrete paver


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patio paver contractor

Here the customer did the excavation for the brick paver patio and monster brick paver walkway , we dug out the firepit area then installed the Geo mat base in the brick patio and walkway areas.
In firepit are we added cement to the base rock to help lock the base along with the geo mat to stabilize the backfill ground it was built on and poured the parameter of the firepit in concrete and set the parameter brick in mortar to lock the field brick in so they wouldn't move over time .
we install the rock base and compacted, then installed the brick patio and firepit and walkway areas .
we then used a snap edge where it would work well with 12" spike and also poured a footing on the outside edge of the patio area to lock the pavers in after compaction.
We then Install all the paver field areas  and cut them in using a secret technique we developed , (took 2 hours total to cut it completely in)
we then sanded the brick patio with poly sand and compacted into the joint work
As you can see this turned out to be a beautiful patio and walkway . the pavers were from Western Interlock out of Rickrell Oregon.