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Design by Randy McKee
Design by Randy McKee
Concrete steps with brick risers /  Brick ribbons in concrete driveway and concrete walkways / Colored
                                                                        concrete driveways and walkways
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Design by RandyMcKee Masonry
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Brick and concrete staircase's
Concrete driveway with brick inlay
We pour our concrete channel base monolithic with the driveway allowing for a good footing base for the brick inlay. With out this type of a pour you will have brick ribbon failure in the concrete driveway , walkway or Patio.
Oregon C.C.B # 218835
Oregon C.C.B # 218835

Portland concrete contractor
oregon concrete contractor
 concrete and brick inlay
From exposed aggregate to broom or stamp concrete finishes.
We install the best base with the finest craftsmanship in the installation of your concrete project.
We use the best products available with the correct amount of cement in the mix to provide a lasting concrete surface, we can tamp the surface for even a better lasting surface that wont wear off like a non tamped surface.
We use the best stamps available for the stamping process using Proline and brickform stamps to choose from where available ( some must be rented) to provide for your unique look and design you intended.
We can design your patios or driveways or  if you have a need for the Landscape architect we have a few that are top of the line  we can recommend.
Here we installed a brick and concrete patio design created by one of the architects we have done work for over the years, this patio we removed a old concrete pad and wooden deck  with a old Spa  in the deck, We then installed the concrete patio and brick masonry seating areas that doubled as walls for there garden areas
 Mock up of the finshed concrete and brick patio
From Concrete RV pads to new concrete entryway walkways we provide the best craftsmanship with high quality concrete finishes.

We install a good base that will help insure good stability, We can also  vibrate or Tamp your concrete broom finish to help the surface last many more years on a broom type finish Or stamp finish.
By Tamping the surface (pushing the rock down ) you will get a more even surface , it helps bring the cream of the cement to the surface with sand and  helps creates a harder surface or deeper cap before rock can be exposed from the elements. Sealing the concrete will help the surface last a long time ,and should be sealed about every 18 months.

Bed and Breakfast concrete patio
Concrete driveway with fiber mesh
Wanting some super strength in your driveway ? add some fiber mesh to it. Fiber products that are mixed into the concrete that can replace rebar, there are different size mesh to chose from.
Saving a little on steel is now possible using the fiber , It can still crack but it holds the concrete together like rebar and helps it in the early stages of the pour to keep it from cracking.
More on  fiber mesh  here
This is a concrete Patio we installed at a Bed and Breakfast in the Dundee hills near newberg Or.
We excavated and installed the rock base and compacted , set forms and poured the concrete steps, radius wheel chair ramp then exposed the rock.
We then install brick along the riser areas and down the side of the ramp which helped detail the area then saw cut expansion joint lines that gave it a nice accent to the patio.
We also did the fireplace and the stone around the home and can be seen here
Oregonbrick Inc.  provides concrete masonry from the footing installations to the final product.
We not only install the concrete  we will help provide combinations of ideas using stone or brick inlay that  help transform the look of your concrete driveway or concrete patios into the idea you were looking for.
From start to finish we do it., you will only need ONE  masonry company for your needs and that's Us!
We do the excavation for the concrete driveway ,Patio or walkway, we install a good rock base and compact it, we will install rebar or add fiber mesh to help for a longer lasting concrete.
We also provide foundations for retainer wall installations for brick, block or stone.
We provide, Concrete Masonry,Brick, Stone masonry in many combinations  .
We have over 33  years (contracting) in masonry and provide the top masons for the install of your project.
All personal are trained in there trade and provide the best qualified  craftsmanship for your project.
These picture are just a few of our projects. Please come back as we are updating all the time.
If you are looking for the best masonry craftsmanship at competitive pricing  please  contact us here for same day contact.

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Combination brick and concrete
formerly Randy Mckee Masonry
oregon concrete contractor

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