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Randy McKee Masonry
With the changes in masonry over the years the design of the walkway has transformed from the plain concrete with a broom finish or standard exposed to new standards in stamp concrete and stained walkways  with  brick inlay and stone and brick or stamp combinations.

We can help design your  brick walkway ,stone walkway or concrete walkway in stamp, stained or exposed , or in any artistic way you like.
We work with you to provide the design that fits the area you are improving. We use all type of materials in the design  that enables us to provide a unique masonry walkway.
Mixing  up the masonry with brick and concrete can be very nice and fit well. Stone and brick are an excellent way to be creative and will last a lifetime.
We install all masonry brick and stone walkways over concrete Or over sand/crushed rock, depending on the products selected .
we Install concrete sand pavers also in many different designs and patterns to.
If you are wanting All concrete or stamp concrete we can do that too, Just give us a call at 503-936-0224 or send us a web form.

Quality  craftsmanship
This entry sidewalk and  staircase was done in a sand fish concrete and real used (old brick) with stretcher course edging and a herringbone field area.
We Install Brick walkways from the entry sidewalk  to the garden pathway.
Clay brick walkways can last your lifetime, they don't fade much but do absorb some airborne elements, however a power wash once in awhile will help maintain the brick color.

Clay paver vs Concrete paver for a walkway..

It depends on Budget and design,,,,and longevity.
Concrete pavers work well in many applications of brick walkways, they are manufactured with the design in them and are faster to install reducing cost and allow for in-ground drainage in the brick design.

However..The clay brick will outlast a concrete brick by at least 40 years.
And the colors wont fade away in a clay brick.
we can design the base to allow for drainage even over concrete , allowing the brick paver to be installed over a much stronger and lasting base then a concrete paver Or clay paver over gravel and sand.
The mortar set paver Is by far the strongest and lasting way to go,
we install them over a compacted gravel base and  concrete base slab,  and grout in between the joints with a weather struck joint .

There are many type of sealers that can be used over brick that penetrate  and last for a few years, I have yet to see any last much more than a couple years  so resealing is a must .

Brick walkways
Oregon C.C.B # 91188
Home of Randy Mckee Masonry
We build our brick walkways over a concrete base as much as possible.
It will last much longer than over sand and wont move around  like sand base pavers can do over time.
Clay brick modular pavers ( allow mortar joints) and regular 4 x 8 inch pavers are for sand set with no mortar in between, however we still can install these over concrete and a drain system that gives it better strength but allows water through to if wanted.

Stone walkways
We install all type of stone walkways from a dry laid basalt stone walkway to a mortar set type stone walkway.
Here are a few jobs we have done over the years. Many are combined with stone patios  and Combinations of brick and stone.
Here we installed basalt A split type basalt stone walkway with 1/4"crushed stone between the joints
Here we installed a mica slate walkway with 1/4" gavel joint work
Here we have a silver mica slate walkway with brick edging . We came back the next year and finished off the stone walkway along with an new exposed concrete driveway and splitface block walls.
This tumbled bluestone garden  walkway came out beautiful, it wound through the garden into a circle and out 3  different directions. we installed a concrete base then the stone and grout with a dark colored mortar.
Home of Randy Mckee Masonry
Custom arched  Brick walkway and arch top entry landing  with brick ribbons  set this walkway off form others. the brick clay brick walkway stays with traditional masonry and will last a lifetime  with the concrete base we installed under it.
Sand set concrete pavers come in hundreds of colors and design that allow them to fit into any design Idea you have for the back yard  walkway or pathway through the garden. Many colors and shapes to choose from and can be repaired easily if ever needed.
Oregon C.C.B # 218835