Oregon C.C.B # 218835

Variegated bluestone Patio

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Here is the before and after picture of this new variegated
bluestone patio.
We removed the cobblestone and parts of the concrete strips
that had broke . We then drilled into the old
concrete and installed rebar to help tie into the new
concrete base for the variegated bluestone
This flagstone had beautiful rust color in the stone
that really set this Patio off, it is amazingly colorful
with the blue and greens. we added a tint of black
in the mortar to help set the color off but not so
much it created an outline then removed the tile from the entry and
used the old base to overlay in stone and the steps at the front gate
were reused with a new walkway poured to the street edge and
overlaid in the Variegated bluestone.
We removed a brick staircase at the end of the patio and added the lower wall that can be
used as a seating area and planting area behind it. we also rebuilt a small portion of brick
wall at from walkway.
Video of final project
After carefully removing an old wood deck, we
uncovered a previously hidden concrete patio.
Utilizing this existing structure, we incorporated it
into the foundation by installing a gravel base and
compacting it. To ensure durability, we reinforced
the base with steel rebar and poured a 3500Lbs
concrete foundation. The patio was then
enhanced with a layer of Gold Mica slate, which
was meticulously saw-cut to create visually pleasing joints. In the planter areas, we
applied wire lathe and scratch coat before veneering them with a natural stone product
and capping the walls them with a KB cap. Additionally, we installed lower lighting under
the caps, providing an aesthetically pleasing nighttime ambiance.

Gold Mica Slate patios