Oregon Paver Patios
sand paver patio
sand paver patio

Thos patio and HUGE walkway was In Carlton oregon. The customer to save money did the excavation and we came in and installed the base and concrete pavers for the patiio, Oregonbrick does all types of masonry.

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Here we installed a brick wine cellar in full brick.
We will make that cellar come to life , the customer installed the light fixtures that really  just fit this perfectly. We arched the doorway arch  into the arch of the main wine cellar . the customer provided the the flues for the wine  ,We will be going back to install another wall of wine flues on the opposite side  to make it hold all most 500 bottles . that should last a day or two! HA!
This masonry idea was a Varigated Bluestone patio   with a montana stone veneer  benches with gas  firepit  and 2"  true blue plank seating with flamed edging.
Here we overlaid an existing concrete patio  with a true blue outside boarder with variegated bluestone field area  then added color to the mortar grout to tone down the mortar as it dried.

Bluestone Patios

patio ideas

Brick and concrete combinations.
Brick and concrete patio combination

Here we installed the footing and  planter in block base then veneered the with a rox pro stone.
We do all the excavation , footings and masonry  on all of our jobs
Here we hand dug the staircase and installed a good base. we then setup and poured the steps and exposed the concrete. We installed brick on the risers and large boulders on the landing areas to give it a more natural look . we saw cut the lower wall at street and installed the columns with lighting on top. this is a very nice addition to the front of the home and provided access to the front door without monster steps and fit the landscape to
From the excavation to the install of footing and concrete exposed patio. we did it all.
Here we designed and installed the backyard patio and entertainment area with fireplace seating  and enough room for a big table and chairs. Please click here to see more of this outdoor fireplace
Want to see more of this brick and concrete staircase? click here
Custom brick homes
Stamp Concrete.
Here was the test patio we did with a new machine I invented to help stamp the concrete fast . we did this with 2 people doing the stamp and 16 stamps. 11.5 yards. and none hit it with a tamp ... not once. .. fastest tamper there is bar none.

Here we Brick veneered this new home in carlton Oregon, Installing Brick arches over the front windows , garage doors and entry.
Click here for more Brick veneer pictures of this home.

Concrete paver patio and firepit with seating
Here we installed a new sand set paver patio with seating and firepit.
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Oregon C.C.B # 218835
We successfully removed the cobblestone in the background and preserved a portion of the concrete panel work for the foundation. We seamlessly integrated the new concrete base with variegated bluestone, which featured an attractive brown vein pattern that enhanced the overall aesthetic. The joint work, utilizing a medium black color with a tight 3/4 to 1" spacing, effectively blended with the design without overpowering it. Additionally, we incorporated a brick bench and integrated it with the wall, replacing a former brick staircase leading to the elevated flower bed area. For further details and visuals of this patio project, please click here.
This backyard  patio was installed with a sand set concrete paver system from belgard, We also used the old step and added a new one to it and overlayed the old concrete with the pavers. we installed a concrete footing for the bench for the block base then veneered the block with coronado stone.Please check out the rest of the project here
Here we installed the footing and block retainer wall base that gives the planter strength where they need it with a block theme on the back and brick on the front  to help keep costs down.
We installed a picture framed herringbone design for a nice back ground  and customer chosen peaked cap on top of the walls.

Here the customer had a basic fireplace and pizza oven  design we had general idea to work from, we then designed it to make the pizza oven and the outdoor fireplace each stand out on there own even thought they are side by side. The fire box of the pizza oven was going to be a 36 inch round oven but felt the oven would be to small for a fire and the pizza. it would work but it would be very cramped, so we designed a oven that was rectangle and gradually rounded in  until I was able to close the top . This will allow the best of both worlds , one of heating it and the other with the added space of a barrel type oven laid sideways for extra space. the oven will heat like a round oven and the new 1850 degree ceramic blankets will hold the heat in along with the 2 inch thick thermal floor with firebrick on top.
Ever wonder what your project could look like or what masonry can do to transform a older home or redesign a bad design  into a new modern design using your old base?.
Oregonbrick masonry does it everyday.
We design and build from the base to the final product  , here are a few ideas of masonry  of some recent jobs we have done  if you see something that may look good in your home give us a call or use our contact form for same day contact.

We did the mock up to show how it would look before we did the new masonry ,once the owner accepted the design we removed the old stone patio area and installed a concrete base , we used the existing concrete entry ,which was way out of square with the home, we straightened every thing out with the new masonry . give us a call or submit our web form to see what we can do for you.

Brick home veneer (facing)
Here we cleaned up the old retainer wall and repaired a huge break in the wall, we then installed eldorado stone with chiseled edge cap stone on top of walls. we also redesigned the staircase and added a new wall that would hold a new iron railing.
We removed the old concrete driveway and installed a rock base compacted then installed the permeable sand  pavers from Willamette greystone in a herring bone pattern and ribbon on the boarders. We then  installed a new Celtic stone wall from mutual materials on each side of the driveway with cap stones.
we also did the house next door and will be getting new pictures of it when all the plantings are done..It has a radius staircase in the back with saw tooth masonry in wall inside saddle walls on a radius with saddles steps through out the wall with brick paver walkways in herringbone pattern throughout the back yard and side with stone set pavers surrounding a pond. we also  install a color concrete broom finish driveway  with shadow colorings in the concrete.

We took a old concrete patio and was able to utilize the base to save the customer money , we covered  the patio in Old town red  split pavers from Willamette graystone
Here is a before and after driveway and staircase we did in eldorado stone  with chisel edge blue stone steps,with darkened mortar in the blue stone ...we  moved  the entry staircase stairs forward and added a  step at the base of the stairs .
the driveway was done in aqua bric  pavers from Willamette graystone.

Here we installed Concrete and Brick trimmed driveway with Brick walkway entry , Brick from Mcnear brick company.
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Here we have a clay paver used on a
walkway from McNear brick company in
Oregon city . Very beautiful brick and clay
and will
last a
We brick veneered this home with some unique ideas.
The home had originally been designed for wood siding with wood  blocks installed at the second floor levels.
We removed the wood blocks and designed the masonry to project out far enough to allow for airspace and still support the upper masonry.
We incorporated Combinations of saw tooth and headers and dental block design that really came out nice with a triangle of projected headers and herring bone design in the center on the upper gable areas.
Randy McKee masonry has been doing brick veneers for over 24 years, we design and build from concrete foundations for walls to the brick, stone, and concrete patios to the brick and stone veneers. from you standard masonry to your personal unique custom  design.
These are the more recent projects we have completed
and are happy to provide the contact  information of the customer.
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Brick patio and walkways

Masonry Ideas

Oregonbrick provides masonry from Banks/ West hills / Beaverton / Hillsboro /  to Salem Oregon  and from Milwaukie / Oregon city to Grande ronde and is the masonry contractor near me when when you are in search of a quality masonry company with outstanding craftsmanship. give as a call at 503 936 0224 anytime
We installed the cast iron door to give it the ideal look with a true  bluestone surrounding the opening  we  ground round the edge and then thermed the edging.
We also therm edged 2 inch true blue stone  for the  mantels and seating .
We  finished off the  counter door with a BBQ guys stainless steel door.
We then stained the ashlar stamp we installed  with a water stain from proline and sealed the slab and walkways.

To this
We saw cut the existing wall and  removed the old patio.
We then installed a rock base and re- poured the patio area and new staircase .We then installed the brick and upper block walls for the new water featured ,lower fire pit and seating area,  with  low lighting under the seat  and in the walls and steps.
Celtic wall /  drystack retainer wall / Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers / eldorado stone
We started out with a picture of this area for the sandset paver patio .we then inserted the patio into the picture Before we did the patio...yes..we installed the picture of the patio before we did it. we are one of the few mason companies that can actually let you see what it will look like Before we do it.we can do this with brick stone OR interlocking pavers.

Demo Picture
Finished Patio
this in march 2011 the date on camera was off
We installed the boulders and poured the base then install the variegated bluestone staircase and patio. please look at our stone patios for more pictures of this beautiful patio.
before we stained the Stamp concrete
Oregon C.C.B # 218835

Masonry ideas for outdoor fireplaces and ovens , concrete stamp patios with waterstain ,brick entry,backyard patio's and entertaiment areas , complete brick veneer of your new home  or remodel, we do it all.

Staircases and Patios

Here we started out installing a sand set paver patio, but the ground was clay and would absorb the water, the more rock we installed the more it sunk.
So we installed a rat slab base and mortar set the patio, we use a special technique to keep the patio pavers at a acceptable level so when we lay the pavers they are all smooth to the surface.
we then sanded the surface with a polymer sand that locks into the joints so you don't track sand  into your home or have problems with sand blowing out of the joint work while cleaning.
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Entryway planters
Backyard patio with firepit & BBQ grill
Final Mock up
Variegated bluestone court yard / patio
Small outdoor fireplace and patio areas
Outdoor Fireplaces and patio entertainment areas
Here we Installed a new stone patio and also went over the old concrete patio with stone from Smith rock company.
We installed the out door Fireplace with TV area , BBq and bar which included a EVO ( Mongolian Bbq grill ) .
We Installed a Forno Bravo type Pizza oven and redesigned the oven and fireplace to fit into the structure correctly.
See more of this click here

Here we installed a outdoor pizza oven and repaired the fireplace throat area that was built completely wrong. (USE A MASONRY COMPANY FOR FIREPLACES) the fireplace had a 8 inch square opening for the smoke to go through and no smoke chamber. It smoked with kindling.
To see more of this Oven  click here

Outdoor fireplaces

Here we did this is a used brick on an existing patio ,
please click here for more outdoor fireplaces
Here we installed the base like we do on almost every project we do , set up and poured and installed the brick . we then saw cut the joints for a more elegant look on a small patio that really helped it stand out.


Oregonbrick Inc
From this
Mock up
Finished new brick entry
Have a tight area where you want to be able to get
down from above to a lower part of your yard but
don't have enough room for a straight
staircase?..well we can fix those staircase problems
in those tight areas.
This Radius staircase allowed for a nice transition
down to the new stamp concrete patio area.
the staircase was only 8 feet to the far side , this even allowed for
room to walk along the back side of the yard to work on the grape
vines without stepping out into the staircase.
The Retainer walls were built i block with the customer planing to
rock the surface himself at a later date.
we capped the wall with a mud sill cap,
This wall was poured solid with rebar through out to hold back the dirt.
we poured the footing with the sand finish concrete parameter then poured the stamp concrete and
water stained the surface, then finished it off with a acrylic sealer.
Stone fireplace
Stone fireplace

This outdoor fireplace was built in Wilsonville Oregon,we Installed the patio with a dark random stamp concrete pattern.
Then built the outdoor fireplace with a block base and veneered the outside with cultured stone product. We also poured in place the mantel,caps and hearth with a chisled edge stone look

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