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Oregonbrick Masonry Installs All kinds of brick mailboxes or stone mailboxes, we also install neighborhood mailboxes. single, double or triple we can do them from the ground up.
We design and install brick mailboxes or stone mailboxes and repair old ones that have been damaged.We can remove and replace old boxes and install new keyed type boxes if the existing size allows.We install new brick mailboxes which includes the footing , brick mail box and flue if wanted for the newspaper.Customer provides the mailbox .
We will remove the old post if needed and haul off.We design the brick mailbox with radius tops or a tiered top ,the design of the brick mailbox itself will match what you have on your home or match the theme of the neighborhood if wanted, Or we can build a brick mailbox that stands out among the rest.
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Yes we do Brick mailbox repair, we can remove and install new mailboxes without a complete rebuild
Entry brick mail box to driveway with saddle to smaller column.
We build single, double or neighborhood size brick mailboxes and each brick mailbox is individually designed to fit your needs.
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