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Randy McKee Masonry
Custom Bbq and outdoor Kitchen  / Fireplace and Patio entertainment areas
Cant say they don't make em big on the farm cause they do !
This outdoor brick fireplace we installed on the customers own footing.
 We installed opening for a TV and with All of our outdoor fireplaces we make the throat area with our own special method that allows excellent draw,  No smoking up the area under the canopy.We Aslo helped re-design the fireplace to meet the customers budget .
Brick outdoor fireplaces
Quality of craftsmanship, that's what we sell...
See below to see how this fireplace came out. designed by Sam Williamson and associates of Portland Oregon.
Here is another customer design along with a little tweak here and there by us to make things fit a little better into the brick work. This outdoor fireplace has storage areas and a good size opening that allows for a good fire , and with our unique throat design we make it wont smoke , we make sure we install the correct size flue and opening so they work together with a smoke shelf to reduce the down-draft  that can spray embers out onto the patio .  The Franklin design we use also helps throw heat to the front of the opening so you can help feel the heat in a crisp night. Outdoor fireplaces are a great entertainment investment  and add the outdoor kitchen and  pizza oven  and you really have  a great entertainment area! :)
Here we Installed a real river rock stone fireplace , this was a the customer design that was being built as part of a larger patio design he is finishing up in the spring for his bed and breakfast type business for his customers to enjoy.

River rock outdoor fireplaces made with
Real stone

italian  outdoor oven
The customer wanted to add a pizza oven to there existing outdoor entertainment area , and repair a outdoor fireplace that was built completely wrong in the throat and smoke chamber areas , it smoked with the smallest of fires.
We installed this corner pizza oven and matched it with the existing fireplace and rest of entertainment area.

This back yard was transformed into a beautiful entertainment area. We redesigned the existing water feature By saw cutting the old concrete  installed new liner and stone base, we brought in new boulders and redirected the flow of the water to span the boulder it flowed from creating a much nicer water fall. we then over ;laid the patio are in stone from smith rock,
We then redesigned the fireplace, Kitchen,and Pizza oven areas to fit the plans correctly as they were missing part of the plans and scales were completely wrong.
We installed the fireplace ,Pizza oven and kitchen areas  and stoned all of them  with cultured stone product in a tight fit pattern  with colored base to help blend open areas of stone .
We capped the seating areas in Bluestone  on the fireplace and Used a Kb cap on all the columns. we had a custom made mantel .doors for oven ,and TV area designed ,built and  installed by sheffileds woodworks .
we then installed the stone steps and new patio area in Tuscany flagstone from Smith rock , we used a custom grout to help blend in with the stone so it wouldn't stand out to much.
fire pit
Backyard fireplaces
Here we set up and installed the footing and poured the exposed concrete patio for the outdoor fireplace . we saw cut for expansion joints in the Patio then built the fireplace. We designed and built the fireplace  using Variegated blues tone for the seat , caps and mantel areas and flame edged the sides to match the surface of the bluestone. We then installed the cultured stone  with a tan mortar to help blend the the color with the rock instead of a natural gray. this really helps to tone down the lgrout lines in appearance.
Customer's review  On their outdoor fireplace
We had our first fire tonight... We had company and it was beautiful / fun / could not ask for anything more. We were only going to stay out for a couple of hours and four hours later we are saying " maybe we should just stay out here tonight".
Thank you Randy for the best fireplace ever.
Denny and Marcia

Home of Randy McKee Masonry
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Custom Bbq and outdoor Kitchen  / Fireplace and Patio entertainment areas
Back yard Kitchen with bar and Patio
Here we install a outdoor Kitchen and entertainment area
We excavated for the outdoor patio base and installed gravel & Rebar  and compacted
We Installed the concrete stamp patio  and stained it with a leather color stain and sealed .
With  block base installed we then installed the doors and drawers ,then poured the counter top ,The counter was then epoxied to a jet black surface
 we installed a cultured stone from Cornado stone with a colored mortar to tone down the natural look of the mortar and help it blend with the stone.
We then installed the EVO  surface cook top with Bar and sink.This back yard patio and entertainment area is a great conversation area and useable through out the year with the canopy built to match the existing home  design.
With the new Spa we added a tongue to the back bar area of the counter to provide easy access to the bar from the spa..
Portland Outdoor fireplace contractor
Randy McKee masonry builds the outdoor fireplace you have always dreamed of. We have over 24 years in custom fireplace design and installation, from the small fire ring to the super backyard fireplace  and BBq areas to the complete outdoor kitchen with the all the appliances including the Bar, and canopy. We work with contractors who will design and build what you need for your  canopied outdoor entertainment area that wont break the bank on design or installation.
For your outdoor  and backyard Fireplace give Randy McKee masonry a call and save your money on design, bring us an idea of what you want and we can help bring it to reality. call us at 503-554-9510 or our easy and fast
This Outdoor fireplace was part of a larger patio project and can be seen here.
Here is a Indoor fireplace in a Bed and Breakfast in the Dundee hills We used a cultured stone from Colorado stone , Mantel was made by Sheffield woodworks out of Mcminville Oregon

This is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast Home that we install the fireplace and the outside stone masonry and concrete
Please click here to see the fireplace completed
Please click on the arrow to the right to see the transition.

We installed the water stained stamp concrete in a ashlar pattern with a splitface khaki block planter using
true bluestone for the seat all around.
We used a Windsor brick from Mutual materials, with 2" true bluestone from smith rock that we therm the edges to give it the rough bump look on the sides.
The pizza oven was built as a rectangle that gradually reduced into a round dome, this helps hold the heat along with allowing more room then a round oven. and help keep the the oven from getting cold spots in it.
We added the counter area to include the exsisting BBq the customer had already and added a lower cabinet door for storage.
Outdoor fireplaces

We do all types of outdoor / backyard fireplaces and entertainment areas, here are a few back yard / outdoor fireplaces we have installed.
We Install from the foundation  to the chimney, we can help design what you are wanting Or work off plans you may have. give us a call at 503-554-9510 anytime for a free estimate.
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Indoor fireplaces
Here a few indoor fireplaces we have done ,there are many different styles of stone products on the market that picking the stone is going to be the hard part. We can also do custom brick work for the  unique look for your home.
We have extensive experience in new construction and remodeling of older fireplaces.
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stone outdoor fire place
brick fire pit ring
indoor fireplace hearth
Randy Mckee masonry
This small round firepit was part of a much larger project that included a driveway  remove and replacement and this patio redo with the repair of an upper patio that included a over lay and stain of a new surface we installed over the old patio saving the customer alot of money and mess.
click here to see more of this project.
brick outdoor fireplce
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Design by RandyMcKee Masonry
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Wine cellar
brick patio fireplace
Here is the main difference between a wood deck and a permanent patio, the customer took out the old wood deck and we brought in  32 yards of rock base, compacted the base and install rebar to add strength  to the concrete.
We set up concrete  for brick ribbons on the edges to pour monolithically with the patio
( we do not pour brick ribbons OR channels separately , this is where our competitor tries to save money but in the process makes the brick channels or ribbons very week and deteriorate very fast) we then exposed the  aggregate surface.
We installed  the outdoor fire place with Mutual used type brick ,and installed natural gas line for the log starter into the fire box with the control inside the log storage area.
We then cut accent expansion joint lines in the concrete.

we can design and build your brick oven for quick homemade pizza's or bread or what ever you would want to bake  FAST...from the outdoor BBQ to the outdoor oven we can do it.
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Design by RandyMcKee Masonry
Randy McKee

concrete repair
concrete over layment
concrete surface repair
outdoorfireplace and mantel with wood areas.
outdoor fireplace with mantel
outdoor fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace & BBQ combo's
outdoor fireplace rough in
outdoor fire place
outdoor fireplace
outdoor fireplace
outdoor fireplace
We built this outdoor fireplace and seating area on the existing patio ,the seating area radiuses out from the edges of the fireplace with the back of the seat used as a planting area.
as you can se we used block as the outside structure and veneered it with stone from coronado stone,the mantel was built from true bluestone with a hand hammered edge. we then installed low lighting in the seat area
The brick planters along the left side from the seat along the fence line were then installed.
We build any design of out door fireplace or firepit including outdoor kitchen and entertainment areas
fire pit and bench 2
fire pit and bench
On this indoor stove hearth we hand made the mantel and  brackets out of bluestone, cutting the designs and flame edging the bluestone. we used a Rox prostone for the ledgestone and  made a seat / wood storage area on the side of the bluestone hearth.

Home of Randy McKee Masonry