Brick patterns mortar set
Here is a standard  brick basketweave pattern
with brick ribbon on the edges of the patio
Different brick  patterns  have different pricing
Standard brick paver patterns
Oregonbrick Inc. masonry provides Top craftsmanship in installing any of your brick patterns you choose.
Here is a link to Belgard products paver pattern designs.

Western interlock patterns
Square brick herringbone pattern Or 90 degree herringbone pattern
When installing brick patios and brick or flagstone walkways the base is the most critical.
With mortar set brick pavers or flagstone we install a rock base with a concrete (rat slab footing) with steel or fiber mesh  installed to help hold the concrete  base together through the years.
The steel or mesh will help in concrete patios and walkways if there are trees that have root systems that travel or if the soil is very loose or washes away easily.
Here we have a double  circle of brick ribbons with a herringbone pattern in the center
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There is a wide variety of brick types available in the market, leading to numerous options for brick patterns. These patterns range from the fundamental basket weave to intricate designs like herringbone and running bond, with variations in the basketweave pattern. These diverse choices enable us to achieve the unique aesthetic you desire.
Brick masonry is a creative art,the more you look at the brick patterns the more you can create artistic looks that fit in to the areas and themes you are looking for.
Picking those brick patterns are very  important.
Here at Oregonbrick Inc. we help in your ideas, we can help with  your brick patios or brick walkway , brick entry, in designing a masonry look that is creative and unique with out the overwhelming or gaudy look of over building.

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