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Formerly  Randy McKee Masonry
Oregon C.C.B # 218835
Portland patio contractor
Portland and surrounding area\ Custom brick patio contractor / brick patios / Backyard  patios / entertainment areas
Randy McKee masonry specialize in all phases of masonry including  backyard brick patios and entertainment areas.
We have installed many brick patio's In the Portland and Salem areas.
Backyard Brick patio's are elegant, inviting, We  do combinations of flagstone or bluestone  and brick for a more unique design of your patio.
Brick patio's will last a lifetime, they don't fade like concrete stamp  that's  not kept sealed. Brick can  keep the color you intended as long as they are cleaned of natural elements from build up.
You don't have the cost of sealing it every 18 months  like a stamp concrete job.
Clay Brick patios Are never out of fashion.
The investment of a backyard  brick patio have shown to add and hold value to your home.
A Brick paver Patio investment is one you can enjoy your life time.
We install brick patios in Portland  to Salem  and all cities in between.
We also do cast in place concrete seating that gives a nice smooth feel to any brick patio bench areas or capped walls.
We do all type of edging from a smooth coping bullnose edge to the rock face edge.
We install clay brick  patios  , stone patios  or combinations including  sand set concrete  paver patios in all types of design and colors

So If you are looking for a company with true craftsmanship and quality, people who know their trade, Give us a call for a free bid, and see what ideas we can provide for your beautiful backyard Patio.
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This is a video I took In 2016 this is about 8 years later after the job was done . we dug this back yard out with  my bobcat. 112 yards of dirt was removed along with a deck that had steps that went straight up the back  sliding glass doorway on to a wooden deck.
The masonry was in excellent shape,
This was the second phase, the first was the front yard  with a radius staircase to the front entry patio landing and step staircase  to front front door.

This  job was probably one of the most amazing transformations we have ever done.  please click here to see this transformation in flash.
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This carib brick patio has a basket weave pattern with ribbons on the outside edges. the general design was created  by the customer.
We installed the brick bench and added the sawtooth for a unique look.

Home of Randy McKee Masonry
Circular mortar set brick patios
This Brick patio area was installed in a very small back yard.
We did the excavation and concrete base  and installed
the circular pattern with the stair tread radius steps 
This brick patio was done in Carob type brick from Mutual materials. This  brick is no longer made but others like Muddox  make some similar,
Here is the front Brick  patio we installed on this home.
click on to enlarge
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This Brick step entry was done over an old step , a new base was installed for the walkway the overlaid with the new medium iron spot splitpaver  with dark grout for the brick patio and entry paver and brick.
We have been installing custom  clay brick Mortar set and concrete  sand set (interlocking) paver  patios and stone patios for over 25 years, we can do any size project you may have from the smallest job to the largest. Give us all call for any of your masonry project  needs. We  will be happy to provide a free estimate for your project .
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We installed the concrete base and brick patio using a red splitpaver with ribbon on outside edges and herring bone in filed areas. the steps where done in a pool coping brick .
This patio was feather in Oregon home magazine  ,we installed  the install the concrete base , Bluestone and brick  . se more of this job here
Here we excavated and installed the base concrete and brick paver patio, we then installed the veneer for the spa and designed and installed the Bbq firepit  with adjustable grate .
Please click on the player to see many more of our  Brick patios we have done over the years 

Randy McKee Masonry
Remove and replace

Here we removed the old brick and excavated,  installed a rock base ,compacted it,set up and poured the concrete base and step wall . we then overlaid it with the old brick and grouted.  This will last a lifetime now .  No more brick sinking !.
On this patio we installed the base rock and concrete , installed a brick veneer over the foundation areas and then installed the pavers and step .  very nice in a small area.
Here we overlaid a concrete base with a inca red sandset paver.
We cut in the design and used redundo grey versa tile paver from mutual materials for the ribbons.
We then installed the brick bench with  inca red common pool coping for the seat.
we finished off the joint work with paver sand for the tight fit sandset paver look.
Design by Randy McKee Masonry
Redesign entry's
We installed a new brick staircase with boulders integrated into the staircase leaving planting areas inside the rock formation
We then installed the staircase off the side onto the new raised patio .
We used a carob brick from Mutual materials.
Here is a mock up of what it would look like with plantings,  just to see how it would look finished.
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This brick patio we installed over a wooden deck that had a rubber type sealer painted over it ,,it looked horrible. so we shored up the deck itself, then poured reinforced light weight reinforced concrete .
We then  installed the brick paver and rebuilt the entry steps to the house and deck.
Custom Brick patio designs
Nothing like have the unique patio design . this was a flowing design that softens up the areas.   We did the excavation .footing , drains,and brick walls and walkway  on this project using brick from Mutual materials . these were mica tile  with standard Inca walls and columns.
Brick patio pattern in herring bone with ribbon on outside edges.

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