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Brick entry's / Brick steps
Here we have a few collections of different type of brick entry's and brick steps and brick and concrete combinations..
With professionally designed brick entry's.and steps we can create a completely different look to your home, we can cover up most old concrete that has had some cracking, as long as the base is solid we can create  a new brick entry that will last a life time.
Please take a look at these brick entries for creative ideas then give us a  call or fill out a quick web form.

Be sure to check the stone patios too
Here is a another turn of the century home we completely removed the old staircase, upper landing and sidewalks,
The customer wanted to keep the bullnose look of the time with a upgrade to the sides and columns.
we install the brick and concrete staircase  and poured the brick wall caps in place while making and pouring the cap for the columns on site too.
We finished the caps and upper landing parameter in a sand finish look and cut real used brick into pavers for the walkway areas.

Review from my customer:
Awesome job on the walkway and steps.  It looks great, and the quality of the work seems very high and durable.  Also your crew is a good bunch of guys.  This was a lot of money for us, but absolutely worth it.  We have had multiple neighbors say how much they like the work and we are happy to recommend you.

Frank R.

Please look at desk top site for much more pictures
Radius brick staircase /  Unique custom masonry
"Above" We removed a wooden porch from the front of this home and installed footing's for the brick veneer, columns and rat slab base for the walkway and step footing.
We installed the brick steps using pool coping and brick pavers for the brick porch area  then  brick veneered the home.
The lower picture was done over a partial concrete step and porch base, we used part of what was left and re-poured a base , we then built the patio completely of brick and redesigned the step areas that  included  low voltage  lighting.
Here we  installed a complete  brick entry from the road to the front porch.
This project included a radius  brick staircase that allowed for a planting area next to the home on the right and a retainer wall planting area along the front left with a upper  courtyard brick  patio with brick  seat walls.
we also installed a back patio and retainer wall on this home ,removing a old deck that had steps from out the back door straight up..
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Home of Randy McKee Masonry
We can design new or redesign your old steps and entry to look more modern,we can overlay an existing walkway or staircase, or redesign for a whole new  concept.
From brick veneer to retainer walls and custom patio and entertainment areas,we can do it.
We combine brick ,stone, concrete stamp. water or acid staining with the quality and craftsmanship you envision.

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Please take a moment and click on our portfolio of  brick entry's  and steps in flash
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Hi Randy,
Everything looks great! It was a pleasure to come home and see such a beautiful set of steps and porch.
You are truly an outstanding craftsman. Showcase work!
Thank you and Rodney,